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Co-Curricular Activities (CCA)

Co-curricular activities form an integral part of educating pattern at Sachdeva School of Excellence. There are numerous co-curricular activities in which students participate throughout the session. Children up to nursery meet weekly for different activities such as clay modeling, drawing, rhymes, calligraphy, songs, dance etc.

There is a provision for two CCA periods in the weekly time-table.the students are given a platform to enhance their co-curricular skills by competing in competitions such as poetry recitation, speech, extempore debate, dance, song, quiz etc. the students are provided with merit certificated and prizes as per the results of the competitions.

Sports day, children’s day, republic day and all other national functions are given due respect and are celebrated with zeal and enthusiasm. The main motive behind celebrating these festivals is to instill the values and importance of these functions among the students.

We thus aim at overall development of the student by focusing not only on education but also on co-curricular activities thereby providing an all rounded development of the student.