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 January 10, 2018

On the 10th of January 2018, our school held annual Sports Meet.  A temporary shed was raised close to the playground for the guest to sit and watch the games. School playground was crowded with throngs of people. The students were bustling with energy ready to compete. A panoramic view of the field could be seen from a distance.


All participants moved to their respective teams and huddled together. Many participants were impatient and anxious while waiting for the final briefing. Some were chatting with their team-mates. The rest of the spectators were shouting and cheering loudly in support of their House teams.


The sports meet started with the welcome of Chief Guest Mr DSGSS Babji GM(O) NTPC and Guest of Honour Mr M. Sri Ram AGM(HR) NTPC Ltd Ramagundam and the Principal's welcome speech followed by ‘Annual Sports Report’ from Mr MVNM Prasad, Physical Director of school. He briefed and highlights the achievements of those students who brought the laurel to the school during the year.


The participants had to warm-up before the activity began. They sprinted around the area they were stationed. Some did stretching exercises while others got their sporting gear organized.

The participants actively participated with zest and vigor. The team members were focused on their goal and tried to get in position. They wanted to try their best to bring down their opponent.

The activities began with the march past followed by a relay of 100-400 meters, Hundred-meter Race, Two Hundred-meter Race, three legs Race, Thread-and-Needle Race, Attention Test, hurdles, running, long jump, high jump, short put, Discus-throw, Badminton, Basketball, Kabbaddi & Kho-Kho finals, an amazing performance by parents in music chair game and many others. The girl-competitors played in the another group. Each competitor was allowed to play not more than three events. The onlookers raised great uproars at the exciting moments of a game. The end point judges and the announcer were ready. Results were announced on mike at the end of every event.

Now wait  was over for a panegyric and galvanized speech from the Chief Guest, Mr DSGSS Babji, GM, (O) NTPC Ltd Ramagundam. He spoke a lot on importance of sports and games in present scenario.

Finally, it was time to call the winners on the Victory Stand. The winners and the winning House was felicitated by the Chief Guest,  Guest of Honour and the Principal. The spectators were cheering loudly and applauding for their teams. They were chanting incessantly and waving their House flag. NTPC and nearby school principals also witnessed the meet with  words of appreciation. The day ended on a happy note with the vote of thanks proposed by Headmistress.